Townie Fixer Upper

So my pal Synthetic Teapot (Gamer name) and I decided to broadcast us revamping my sims world. Not completely getting rid of my little Simmerittooos but giving them a bit of a change of lifestyle. Here are just a few that we have started with. Not all will be completely drastic as this one but still just as fun!!

(Side Note: Liberty & Summer have aged up to elders when I did this, Malcolm and Travis were Adults)

If you wanna see the broadcast, check out my channel on Twitch: LadyJannelope



Liberty Lee: Life is definitely catching up to this gal but it’s not stopping her! Liberty now an elder has decided to make some changes. She has always been the creatively styled individual but is now looking to branch out even more! She never truly knew who she was, dressing sometimes tomboy-ey but with some girly touches.  Labels have never stopped her before and they won’t now! Now Liberty is smudging lines and overcoming limitations!


Summer Holiday: Always the nicely dressed with a proper casual style, Summer never felt that it was really her. She has decided to dive into the drastic change of a lifestyle that has always seemed to called out to her, Emo. She has always been a closet Hawthorne Heights fan and has always had a love with the creative outlet the style has brought out, especially with her favorite color, Black. She knows there’s more to it than just the look and she feels that it is calling to her.


Malcolm Langraab: Malcolm has always lived such a comfortable life. With his parents being the richest family of all of SimLand. Things changed drastically when his parents passed away, leaving him with a void of identity loss. He moved in with the BFF household and discovered that being different can be the ultimate you. With this in mind, Malcolm decided to try and slowly embrace a newer lifestyle and begin the journey of self-identity.


Travis Scott: Travis Scott is just a smalltown guy who just wants a new style. Feeling the cowboy life he decides to dress the part never having really researched what they do or how they live. Just playing the part. Sorta… He thinks that the wrangler jeans, plaid button ups, and cowboy boots are going to sway the ladies his ay but does he have what it takes to become more than just a gimmick?


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